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Building the Future of Therapeutic Software

A Complete VR-based Therapeutic System For Learning & Developmental Challenges



VRapeutic's Message, Vision, & Mission

We are committed to building a medium with limitless potential for rehabilitation through which we can realize the full potential of virtual reality in therapeutics to help children on the neurodiversity spectrum

Immersive Therapeutic Solutions

Rich Library of Virtual Reality Therapeutic Modules.

Designed to instill essential life skills in children Including: cognitive, learning, social, & motor

What's Unique About

Therapeutic Virtual Reality?

Engaging & unforgettable gamified experiences, within carefully designed Virtual Reality environments

Content is supervised and approved by experts in the field of special education

Built-in integrations with widely adopted assessment tools with a patent-pending technology

Tap into the Future of Virtual Reality Therapeutics

Physical & Cognitive Skills

Physical & Cognitive Skills

Scientifically proven to be an effective medium of rehabilitation for physical & cognitive skills

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

We design our software with a cost-effective mindset, as well as ergonomic features

Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-Based Platform

Accessible through a cloud-based platform where you can manage everything in one place

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VRx - All-In-One Therapeutic System

VRx will unlock you features like..

Conducting supervised therapeutic Virtual Reality sessions

Assign new modules and plans to kids & track their performance

Get access to features like real-time synchronization & data visualization

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Wearable Sensor Suit for Gross Motor Skills


Our wearable sensor suite enables features like..

Trackable performance & providing data-driven reports

Integrated within gamified immersive experiences with real-time motion tracking

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Our Team

Ahmad Al-Kabbany

Co-Founder, CEO

Yahya Alaa

Co-founder, CTO

Mahmoud Mousa

Senior VR Unity Developer

Hadeer Gamal

Senior VR Unity Developer

Andrew Gamal

VR Unity Developer

Reman Elfauomy

Game Artist

Youmna F.

Game Artist

Ahmed Soliman

Ahmed Soliman

Embedded System Engineer

Ahmed Esmail

Ahmed Esmail

React Native Developer

Mahmoud Ali

Backend Developer

We're excited to hear from you!

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